Let's be honest - the days between Christmas and New Years is an odd time. 

For most of December we have been frantically rushing towards the 25th believing that when the last present is wrapped and the pavlova is decorated we will finally be able to catch our breath and enjoy the festive season.

Then, when the madness of Christmas Day has subsided we wake on the 26th wondering ....What now?!   Actually,....What day is it?!   What am I going to do to between now and NY's?!

Here are 6 ideas to help pass those days.


For many this is now the opportunity to finally, fully relax and spend some time doing absolutely nothing. 
There is no denying that this is not necessarily very easy to do, as most of us are not practised in the art of doing nothing, BUT it is incredibly beneficial to your mental health and wellbeing ..especially after the chaos of December.

Whether doing nothing means finally reading the book that has been by your bedside for 6 months, napping in the sun or bingeing a Netflix series that is on your list - enjoy!   You have worked hard, go easy on yourself and take a rest.


Visitors have left, wrapping paper is in the bin and there is no pressure to have a meal on the table at a a certain time so now is the chance to lose yourself in a challenging jigsaw puzzle.

Thousand-piece puzzles are actually rather hard!
Just turning over the pieces can take a long time but the reward of finally placing that last piece to complete your gorgeous picture makes it all worth while.

Have fun choosing a puzzle that interests and excites you, and that you can get the kids involved with - if you choose to.


If you have the energy now is the time to treat yourself!

The Boxing Day sales (that now often start on Christmas Day) are a great chance to grab that item you have been wanting for ages - at a much better price. 

It is also a sensible time to stock up on decorations and cards for Christmas next year  - if you can think that far ahead of course! 

Nowadays we have the luxury of avoiding having to elbow our way through crowds and can shop these sales from the comfort of home.

So, turn on some tunes, make yourself a drink and shop away. 


Do you leave packing to the last minute? 

If you are heading away over the holiday season this is a good time to get organised and gather the items on your packing list. 
Its a chance to try on the wetsuits, find the missing bike lock and of course make sure the house plants are well watered and ready to fend for themselves.


If it has been a while since you have explored a local art gallery or museum? Or perhaps there is place of cultural significance in your area that you haven't been to? 
With the warmer weather and very few tourists at the moment it is the ideal time to head out and enjoy what your local area has to offer. 

Walk to and enjoy a local waterfall, visit and understand a historic Pa site or take in an exhibition at a gallery nearby.

You might be surprised by what you discover.


The leftovers are gone and the desire to cook is non existent - do yourself (and the hospitality sector) a favour and dine out.

This period is often quiet for restaurants, as people are out of town, so you may just get a reservation at a restaurant that is at the top of your Dining Bucket List. How fabulous would that be?!  

However you choose to spend the days between celebrations be sure to spend time doing something that makes you happy!

Team CRISP x

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