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Father’s Day Edit 1: The Gadget Dad

Father’s Day Edit 1: The Gadget Dad

As we gear up to celebrate the amazing men in our lives next Sunday, we have put together a list of must-have gifts for that special breed of Dad who’s come into his own in recent years - The Gadget Dad. Once maybe known as, ahem, “nerdy” Dads, these tech-heads always have the latest model iPhone and know just how to ruin your fun with their sophisticated Wifi restrictions. Give them something they’ll love this Father’s Day from our list below.

Tocharge Power Bank

What’s the biggest concern for a Dad with multiple devices on the go? Battery life! This portable power bank from Kreafunk will keep Dad going through those camping weekends and fishing trips where he just has to have his speaker blaring, iPod streaming and catch up on emails on his tablet. Featuring a high performance lithium battery, integrated microchip and non-slip moulded plastic exterior, this 120g pocket-rocket of power will charge devices for up to 5 hours. 

Gingko Halo One Bluetooth Speaker

If there’s one thing our Gadget Dads hate more than low battery, it’s cables. If it’s not bluetooth, it’s not on! For a wireless bluetooth speaker that gives seriously good sound, look no further than this Halo One from Gingko. With the added bonus of a sophisticated design, wooden accents and effortless touch control, the two 1 inch tweeters ensure crisp, good quality sound. Dad can listen anywhere in the house and plug it back in to recharge the battery overnight - and he’ll think of you every time he listens!

Flip LCD Alarm Clock

For Dad’s who appreciate innovation, this Flip LCD alarm clock is sure to give them a kick. Using the same technology that helps your iPhone and tablet screens change orientation, this funky little alarm clock can be flipped over to turn the alarm on and off. With a sleek, modern design and a small touch button to light up at night, its clever simplicity will delight Dad, and make sure he wakes up on time!

Ahead Black Edition Wireless Headphones

For those moments that are less “earpods-on-the-go” and more “sound-is-of-the-essence”, it’s time to whip out these aHead Wireless headphones from Kreafunk. Stylish and cushioned for comfort with an on-ear control panel, these headphones also feature a high-performance battery with up to 14 hours playback. With a built-in microphone they’re ideal for the all important Zoom calls that Dad will be making, and feature a drawstring carry bag for easy transport between the office and home. What's more, they're also light enough to use during exercise. You’re welcome, Dads. 

Secrid Slimwallet

Now we know (oh, we know!) that the Gadget Dad is all about tap and go. But while he might delight in using his phone to pay for his coffee, he still needs to carry all those pesky extra cards. Enter, the iconic Slimwallet from Secrid. Known for its slim profile and especially the aluminium card protector at its core, which features a patented slide mechanism that allows Dad to slide out his cards with one simple motion. Dad can place his most used card in the front of the wallet, and simply tap his wallet to pay - contactless, safe and stylish. Available in a range of colour and leather finishes, this is a stylish and practical gift that Dad will appreciate every time he pays. 

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