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Getting Your Home Ready for Autumn

Getting Your Home Ready for Autumn

After a beautiful Indian summer it can be difficult to accept that all good things must end and autumn is just around the corner. But by embracing autumn and all it has to offer - warm, sun-filled days, rich colours and lighting the fire on those cool mornings and evenings - it can become something to look forward to! 

You’ve probably heard of the Danish concept of hygge, the feeling of comfort and cosiness in your home that creates a sense of calm and wellbeing in you, your family and guests. The onset of Autumn is the perfect time to overhaul your interiors and bring warmth and hygge into your environment. Not sure where to begin? Here are our top tips for embracing the Danish way of life this Autumn, ready for a cosy winter. 


One of the key principles of hygge is surrounding yourself with things that make you happy - this means ditching the clutter that makes you feel stressed and overwhelmed, or the vase you’re holding onto simply because your mother-in-law gifted it. Be ruthless with your declutter to create a calm, simple environment filled with only things you need or love. 

Illuminate with candles

Candles add warm, atmospheric light to a space and can also have the added benefit of providing fragrance. Opt for a combination of scented and unscented candles, or perhaps even reusable battery-operated candles in some room, to create a cosy feel. Try a seasonal scent such as Ashley & Co’s Vine & Paisley or George & Edie’s Vanilla and Anise for maximum Autumn vibes. 

Bring in natural elements

Bringing the outdoors in is a key element of hygge, and this can be done in subtle or obvious ways. Head into your garden or on a walk around your neighbourhood and collect some cuttings featuring browns, reds and yellows (as well as some green!). Place these in vases around your home - or, purchase some faux branches or greenery that will last the entire season. Decorate with natural fabrics and materials such as wool and wood to help you feel closer to nature. 

Layer with different textures

Using a range of textures is important in any decorating, but especially for creating hygge, as it affords a sense of balance and comfort to a room. Try combining a wool throw and fur cushion on your couch with a wooden tray on your coffee table for a cosy, textured feel. 

Embrace a warm colour palette

Autumn is all about warm colours, just like the colour of the falling leaves, and this contrasts beautifully with the cooler temperatures outside. Ditch the blues and brights and embrace browns, deep reds and oranges for the season - this can be achieved simply by changing your soft furnishings and accessories, which can be swapped out again when the weather heats up.

Use books to decorate

Books have a great way of making a home feel lived in and personal, and can have the added bonus of making you look especially clever or interesting, depending how you stack the shelves! Books are a big part of creating hygge, taking the focus away from screens and giving your family and guests something to browse on a quiet afternoon. Scatter books you love around on side tables, coffee tables and shelves to get ready for those long months indoors.

x Team Crisp

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