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How To: Burn Your Candles

How To: Burn Your Candles

It seems like a pretty simple task: buy a candle, light it, enjoy the lovely scent for hours. But have you ever had a beautiful glass candle that gets blackened with smoke stains? Or wasted expensive candle wax when your candle sinks in the middle or just burns down one side? Most of us have, and this is the result of not knowing how to properly burn a candle.

We sell so many gorgeous candles, and want to make sure you are getting as much enjoyment out of them as possible - here are our top three tips for burning a candle properly and making it last:

1) Let the candle melt all the way across each time you burn - this will prevent those pesky "tunnels" that waste half of your candle wax. This can take time, so if you have an expensive candle, don't burn it unless you know you will be home for a few hours to enjoy it. 

2) Keep the candle away from breezes - fans, open windows and air conditioners are the enemies of candles. Any kind of breeze will aggravate the flame and contribute to black marking on the glass around the candle. Burn your candle in a still, dry area to prevent this.

3) Always trim the wick - trimming your candle wick is so important and needs to be done on every burning. A trimmed wick will ensure a brighter, cleaner flame, and an untrimmed wick is the leading cause of those awful black marks on your candle glass. Wicks should be trimmed to about 3mm long before every burn, using a specialised wick trimmer such as these.

We hope that by following these steps your candles will look and smell better for longer. All this candle talk got you dreaming of a lovely candlelit bath?! Check out some of our top selling candles below.


1. Ashley & Co Waxed Perfume Candle in Blossom and Gilt

2. SoH Grace Le Rose Candle

3. George & Edi Havana Candle

4. Nel Lusso Dusk Candle

5. Lyttleton Lights Soy Candle in Lemongrass and Ginger

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