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How To: Care for your Cashmere

How To: Care for your Cashmere

We have so much gorgeous cashmere in store at the moment and with the mornings getting chillier, it’s flying off the shelves. Yes, it costs a little more than wool, but with good reason – it’s thought to be about eight times warmer than wool, and is one of the most long lasting fibres; providing it’s looked after of course.  Most of you seem to have the same questions when purchasing cashmere: how do I wash this without ruining it?! With that in mind we thought we’d share our top tips for taking care of your cashmere so it lasts a lifetime.


  • Wear without washing: As long as you didn’t go to the gym or spill your coffee on your cashmere, you can get away with wearing it two or three times without washing – more if you properly air it after each wear and spray it with a freshening spray. 


  • Wash in cold water with mild detergent: While some suggest soaking your cashmere for 2-3 hours for ultimate fluffiness, around 20 minutes in a COLD soak will do the trick. Warm water will shrink cashmere, so this is what you really want to avoid. Regular detergent is also a no-no – try a gentle wool wash such as this one for best results.


  • Give your cashmere time to soften: Cashmere will only continue to soften with age, so allow it time to do so rather than using a fabric softener, which will likely have the opposite effect.


  • De-pill regularly: Cashmere does tend to pill as it is a completely natural fibre. This will generally happen in areas where friction occurs, and usually when the cashmere is brand new. Use a lint tape or de-pilling device regularly to keep your cashmere soft and smooth.


  • Patience is a virtue: Cashmere can take a number of days to dry after washing, so it’s important to be patient. After washing, firmly pat moisture out of the garment rather than wringing, and then lay flat on a towel and roll up to remove the initial moisture. Then shape the garment and take care in laying the cashmere completely flat to dry.


We hope this helps you in caring for your beautiful cashmere pieces! And if you’re in the market for some new woollens, we’ve featured some of our most popular cashmere pieces below.

Cable Pure Cashmere Crew Jumper

This 100% cashmere jumper with lurex silver flecks combines comfort with glamour, adding a little bit of sparkle to a cosy knit. This can dress up a simple jeans and sneaker outfit, or pair perfectly with a black skirt and boots for a winter evening out. 

Elms & King St Kilda Knit Jumper 

With a 50% cashmere base and wool and lyocell blend, this jumper is seriously thick and warm. Available in periwinkle blue or the sweetest blush, the puffed sleeve gives this piece a stylish edge. 

Laing Sam Cashmere Crew

The team at Laing are the queens of cashmere and this Sam Crew is a firm favourite this year. Lightweight, perfectly cut and available in the prettiest Crabapple Pink and Raspberry colours, it will become a staple of your winter wardrobe.  

x Team Crisp

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