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As most of you will agree, in the build up to Christmas we all hit a peak of present-buying stress. 
However with just over a month to go there is plenty of time to get organised, shop wisely and avoid the stress of choosing the right gift for your loved ones. 

Treating family and friends at Christmas is a wonderful gesture but there are some important things to consider.


It is not about you.

This may be obvious BUT it can be easy to get caught up in the trap of buying gifts that say more about you (and how much you have to spend) than the recipient.  

How well do you know them? What are they passionate about or enjoying doing?

Put some real thought into finding a gift that will be sure to put a smile on their dial - rather than leave them aghast at the overwhelmingly large or expensive gift you splashed out on.

Which leads me to ...


Treating family and friends at Christmas is considered an important gesture, but it's wise not to completely blow the budget for what's really just one day of the year!  

The No. 1 rule for holiday shopping should be to stay out of debt so before  you hit the stores, make your list and check it twice. 

Once you've narrowed your list, base your budget on how much money you have to work with, not on what other people are giving you! Some friends of family members may give gifts that you might not be financially able or willing to reciprocate - and that's totally fine!  

With gifts, it really is the thought that counts, not the dollars that went into it.

If you have an arrangement on what to spend with your extended family or an agreement with your spouse or significant other - make sure you stick to it! Even if you agree not to exchange gifts, you don't want to 'surprise them' and ultimately  make the other person feel lousy!

Some gift ideas under $50


Pictured Top Left to Right: Kinder Kitchen, Summer Cocktails, Silver Pearl Photo Frame
Middle Left to Right: Soap on a Rope, Glacier Puzzle, Dock & Bay Recycled Beach Towel 
Bottom Left to Right: Column Pillar candles, One Bowl Meals cookbook, Milano Tumbler Set of 4 


If you are buying someone an expensive gift or an item of clothing, including the gift receipt is smart move.  This gives the recipient the flexibility to make an exchange for something that's a better fit or more to their taste so that your monet doesn't go to waste if they don't like the gift.


Has anyone else been frustrated at their childs lack of appreciation for each gift they receive? Or been so disappointed at the record breaking speed in which they unwrap the presents under the tree - hardly even paying attention or saying 'Thank You' - as they are so eager to unwrap the next?
To help change expectations at Christmas, and help kids learn to appreciate the gifts that have been handpicked and paid for with hard earned money, follow this fabulous rule:

Something they want: The big ticket present

Something they need: Sports equipment, hobby item, necessity.

Something to wear: Shoes, Clothing, name brand, accessories

Something to read: Book, Magazine, comic book

Something to do: Game, movie, outing, adventure.

If you have older children this may be a significant change to their expectations but it is also a chance to focus less on what they 'get' for Christmas and more on what the festive season actually means to them.

And of course you can always add to this to make it more meaningful for your family. For example add a sixth rule where each of the children shares what would be meaningful to them for your family to do together, or allow your kids to add something they would REALLY love.  

A printable for your use


There is nothing worse than buying (or receiving) something for the sake of it!
So, if in doubt, a voucher or gift card is the perfect option. 
A meal at their favourite restaurant, a fun family outing, a voucher to spend on goods of their choice - there are so many gift cards and vouchers on offer these days.  To make it feel more personal be sure to present it with a thoughtful card or gift tag explaining why you thought it was the perfect gift - it shows you were thinking of the recipient when you bought it and not just taking the easy way out. 

We offer E-Gift vouchers online and in store, for any value above $25.00, and can help your friend or family member choose something fabulous with it.

Hopefully this helps as you approach your gift shopping this Christmas.

30 sleeps to go!

Ange & The team at CRISP

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