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How To: Wear Colour

How To: Wear Colour

If you’ve recently opened your wardrobe and seen that it’s nothing but black, black and more black (maybe some grey, a few stripes for good measure?) then you’re not alone. Not only are New Zealanders known for favouring black, we tend to fall into a pattern with what we buy and stick to safe neutrals, which is great for building a capsule wardrobe, and certainly it is good to wear what suits you. But in a post-pandemic world colour is most definitely having a moment, with many designers using bright hues to invoke feelings of positivity and happiness in what has been a pretty glum time. Adding colour to your wardrobe doesn’t mean you’ll be showing up to work or school pick up dressed in the rainbow - here are our top tips for wearing colour!

1. Accessorise

This is a great tip for trying any trend - start with accessories. Purchasing a bright scarf, statement sunglasses or bold earrings in this season’s fashion colour (try green, purple or blush pink) allows you to add a splash of colour into your existing wardrobe without making a large financial or emotional investment. It can be daunting to wear colour if you aren’t used to it, and an accessory can always be changed or removed if you’re not comfortable.  

2. Start with one statement piece

When wearing colour it’s best to start with one statement piece, such as a yellow jacket or colourful skirt, and pair this with existing neutrals in your wardrobe, such as a black dress, or white t-shirt. When you’re comfortable with this, and loving all the compliments you’ll be getting, you can think about adding in more colour with bags, lipstick and shoes.

3. Know your colours

Most people can wear any colour, but it’s important to know what colours work together and what don’t. It can be useful to look at the colour wheel and select complementary colours (opposite colours on the colour wheel), for example pairing a rich purple with mustard, a bright orange with navy or a deep forest green with blush pink.

4. Choose colour you love

If you’ve never liked yellow but suddenly want to embrace a trend with a bright yellow coat, chances are you won’t wear it much. When adding colour into your wardrobe, select colours you genuinely love to ensure your brighter pieces will be cherished for years to come. 

 5. Be authentic

Wear colour in a way that is authentic to you and don’t be tempted to try trends that don’t appeal to you, just because everyone else is. Stay true to yourself, have fun and try colour with confidence while embracing your own personal style.

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