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Introducing: Cathy Pope

Introducing: Cathy Pope

Here at Crisp we’ve been refining and expanding our accessories offering for a while now, and find that jewellery is hugely popular. When the opportunity arose to stock iconic gemstone jewellery designer Cathy Pope, we jumped at the chance, and are excited to introduce her brand to you all.

Cathy’s pieces are known for being simple, bold and timeless and less about fashion than about personal style - her pieces are big rather than dainty, and utilise statement gemstones to make an impact. Each of the gemstones used in Cathy’s collections holds a different property, and each one is completely unique, which is something Cathy likes to explore. 

With a background in marketing, Cathy never felt at home in the corporate world. Deciding to follow her creative instincts, she joined the costume department on The Lord of the Rings in 1999 and went on to work in film, theatre and television in Ireland before returning home to NZ in 2013 and starting her jewellery brand. Initially a side hustle, running Cathy Pope Jewellery is now a full-time job.

Cathy has a studio in Auckland where she works on all of her designs, and much of her jewellery is made here - in fact, her signature Chunky Chokers are made by hand by Cathy. The pieces of her collections that are not made in New Zealand are ethically made in Jaipur, India, where Cathy travels at least once a year to work with the artisans there.

Each Cathy Pope piece is made from high quality sterling silver or stainless steel, and the gold pieces are plated with a high quality gold vermeil. The pieces will retain their colour and quality if properly cared for, and washed gently with soap and water rather than jewellery cleaning chemicals. 

Below are some of our favourite Cathy Pope pieces that are in store and online now:

Smoky Quartz Necklace

Smoky Quartz is a grounding and protective stone, perfect to keep you centred and strong in uncertain or stressful times. This stunning smoky quartz necklace, from Cathy Pope’s signature Chunky Choker range, will keep you grounded in style. All stones are individual, ours are quite a deep, dark brown. Made from a high quality stainless steel that will retain its colour, the gold version features high quality gold vermeil plating. A stunning collectors piece, its timeless style will ensure it’s enjoyed for years to come. 

Fifth Symphony Rose Quartz Amulet

Rose quartz is the stone of love: romantic, platonic or familial. This makes this beautiful amulet the perfect gift for someone special in your life. The pendant can be worn with an existing chain in your collection or is perfectly paired with the Fifth Symphony Long Loop Chain. Made from sterling silver or 18K gold plated sterling silver with 100% rose quartz, we love their sculptural shape and bold style. 

Fifth Symphony Black Onyx Knuckle Duster Ring

Do you have trouble dealing with negative energy? Can you be indecisive? Then black onyx is the stone for you. Known for shielding the wearer and transforming negative energies to promote happiness, this stunning “knuckle duster” ring will protect you in more ways than one! Featuring three hand cut black onyx stones, the design is striking and the style enduring. Available in either a natural or 18K gold plated sterling silver, we think this is the perfect gift for yourself to give you strength and remind you how amazing you are!

We know whatever Cathy Pope piece you choose you will wear and cherish it for years to come - they're well designed and well made, perfect for the Crisp customer.

x Team Crisp

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