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Labour Weekend Vibes

Labour Weekend Vibes

The days are getting longer and there’s a definite warmth to the evenings - okay it’s just a degree or two, but it’s there! The daffodils have flowered and the jacaranda is in full bloom, which can only mean one’s Labour Day Weekend! 

If you’re anything like us, you’re in desperate need of a break from the daily grind, and we have just what you need to get you feeling more long-week-end and less long-hard-week! Whether you’re catching up on housework and hibernating at home or heading out to the bach, we’ve got you covered.

At The Beach

So you're heading out to the bach this weekend? You lucky, lucky thing! It's time to get the chardonnay chilling and the shades on, the bigger the better. Here are some of our favourite items to have you well and truly beach ready, on the sand or by the barbie'. 

Clockwise from top: Sophie Sun Hat, Beach Umbrella, Stella and Gemma Glasses, Petanque Game, Raffia Beach Bag, Nomad Cooking Kit, Citta Wine Cooler, Kinfolk Summer Issue

At Home

Do you need a second just to catch your breath? We see you, we feel you. Fix yourself a drink, run a bath and turn the Sade up to full volume. Stay relaxed and embrace your inner homebody with some of our top picks for a weekend around the house.

Clockwise from top left: Style Laundry Jogger, Sway Hammock Chair, Nel Lusso Glasses, Garden Tool Bag, Lemon Poppyseed Cake from The Caker, Coral Reef Puzzle, Garden Kneel Pad, Salt by Hendrik Cleanse Soak, Ripe: Recipes from Ripe Deli

Whatever your plans this long weekend, we hope you stay safe and have fun with the people you love. And remember, Crisp is open over the long weekend - 9.30-4 on Saturday, 10-4 on Sunday and Monday. 

Happy Labour Day!

x Team Crisp 

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