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Meet Layla

Meet Layla

If you’ve ever set foot inside one of our retail stores, you’re sure to know Layla. Her warm smile and friendly demeanour are part of the furniture at Crisp, with Layla working full time on the homewares side of the business. What’s more, she’s cooler than the rest of us put together! We had a chat with our favourite Raglan gal’ so you can all get to know her a little better. 


How long have you been working at Crisp and how did you come to work here?

I have been at Crisp for just over 2 years! I wanted to make the move up to Auckland so I applied, and was living in St Heliers 2 weeks later.

You're a musician - tell us more about your band, John's Comb.  

I formed my band just over a year ago now after posting online on NZBands looking for a music project. It came from boredom! We didn't know each other prior but have all become such good friends. Since then, the 6 of us have gone into the studio and released our EP, we have played at music venues around Auckland, and are playing a sold out show this weekend at The Wine Cellar, and a few more shows coming up in August/September. Exciting times!

You grew up in Raglan - what do you love most about your home town? And what do you love about living in Auckland? 

I love the sense of community in Raglan! Everyone would go beyond to support you, everyone knows everyone, and a 5 minute supermarket run always ends up taking 30 minutes after running into a few people. I also love the environmental awareness everyone shares. I love the vibrancy Auckland has - there's always something happening, so much to do and see, an hour drive away from some beautiful rural areas. I find in the St Heliers/ Mission bay area there is a sense of community here too which is nice. 

 What's your favourite hang out in Auckland that others might not know about?

I have gone to Amano 3 times in the past week and a half so that's probably my main hang out spot! I like going to quiet, hidden bars. I love going to Caretaker! On a Sunday/Monday/Tuesday they have a live jazz band playing in the corner, it's nice and quiet. Another I've found is called Sly - you have to find the hidden door to be able to get in!

What are you reading, watching and listening to right now? 

I'm not reading or watching anything at the moment - I don't have much free time coming up to the gig! I do usually like a good documentary though.  Not sure of any in particular but Amy Winehouse and Minnie Riperton are always circulating in my music!


Layla's Edit - a selection of her favourite Crisp products


Clockwise from top left: Tokyo Placemats, Bottle grinders in Nude, Sophie Tort Hoops (light), Nevis Throw in Snow, Stolen GF's Guitar Pic Earrings, Lofty Clock Black, Ashley&Co Home Perfume in Blossom and Gilt.

x Team Crisp

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