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Seedlip Cocktails for Dry July

Seedlip Cocktails for Dry July

While July for a lot of us means a few beers up the mountain or a mulled wine by the fire, for many others it means a month off alcohol - otherwise known as Dry July. Dry July raises funds for New Zealanders affected by Cancer, something each of us has our own unique family or personal experience with. 

For those of you who’ve taken the plunge and had a dry or “dry-ish” July, we have some excellent news for you! Firstly, you’re nearly there - just one week from the finish line! And secondly, we’ve got some delicious Seedlip cocktail recipes for you that will get you through your final alcohol-free weekend. 

Seedlip were the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits, and was born from the desire to create a truly tasty and herbal alcohol free beverage that would put the sickly-sweet “Mocktail” to shame. Since then it’s developed into a globally recognised brand, with three unique and complex blends to choose from - Grove 42, Garden 108 and Spice 94. Here we share two unique takes on popular cocktails that are perfect for a winter’s evening and will make you forget you’re not actually drinking!

Espresso Martino


Need some pep in your step as well as something yummy to drink? Look no further than a Seedlip Espresso “Martino”


Seedlip Spice 94 - 2 ounces

Harpoon Cold Brew Concentrate - 2 ounces 

Sugar syrup - ½ ounce

Glass and Garnish

Coupe glass

Three coffee beans to garnish


Add Spice 94, Cold Brew Concentrate & Sugar Syrup to a shaker. Add ice & shake. Double strain into a coupe glass. Drink with good company!



What’s better than a Hot Toddy on a cold winter’s evening? A non-alcoholic Seedlip Toddy of course - that same comfort minus the hangover!


Seedlip Grove 42 - 1 ¾ ounce

Coconut Sugar - 1tsp 

Hot Assam Tea - 4 ounces

Glass and Garnish

Heatproof glass, ideally clear

Garnish with ginger peel


Brew on tea bag in boiling water for two minutes and combine with other ingredients. Enjoy!


x Team Crisp

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