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How To Set A Christmas Table

How To Set A Christmas Table

This Christmas Day, whether you are hosting a relaxed BBQ lunch for friends or a formal Christmas dinner for Family, food and sharing it with those you love is at the heart of Christmas.

But let's face it, the table setting is just as important as the food.

So to help set the atmosphere for your Christmas Day entertaining, why not spare some time to create a show-stopping festive table setting this Christmas.

We each have our own decor style, so whatever your style, we have a few tips to help you to create your perfect Christmas table setting.


Whether it is a minimalistic approach, traditional Christmas style or a theme based on colours, have an idea in mind and stick with it.

Don't overcomplicate things - simple can be stunning, and be sure your choice reflects your own personal style.

There are plenty of places to find inspiration for a theme. A starting point might be considering the crockery and cutlery you will be using. Alternatively, take a look at the Christmas decorations you have used on your tree or in the house.


So you enjoy your day and avoid any last-minute panic, then prepare ahead by laying your table the evening before.

Ensure you have everything you need, scissors, greenery, candles, decorations, crockery, glassware and cutlery. Place any extra chairs and iron your table cloth if using one.

If you are seating guests, now is the time to lay name cards out!


Create a centrepiece that will impress your guests.

Lots of candles, vases of different flowers, a wreath - whatever you choose complete your table with a beautiful centrepiece. It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive.

Layer your table, create a table runner with an interesting fabric. Ornaments are not just for the tree add some to your table centrepiece, include a touch of greenery and some candles or soft lighting and it's done.


There are lots of ways to add a touch of fun to your festive table setting. 

Gift tags as name cards, ribbon tied napkins, coloured glassware, the list is endless.

Use coloured glassware and different shaped bowls and serving dishes to add variety and interest to your table. 

And don't forget the crackers!


Ultimately Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and the main meal, just like the day, should be enjoyed and not rushed.  

We wish you lots of fun creating your Christmas table.

Team Crisp  x

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