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Spotlight on Ashley & Co

Spotlight on Ashley & Co

When Jackie Ashley was introduced to a reed scent diffuser by her sister in law in 2005, she couldn’t have known that interaction would change the course of her life and one day see her running New Zealand’s biggest signature scent company. But the seed was planted for Jackie, who saw an opportunity to create something unique and channel her passion for fragrances and interiors. After experimenting with scents in her garage and getting her graphic-designer husband Ben on board, Ashley & Co was born.

Today, almost 15 years later, if you haven’t heard of Ashley & Co then you’ve certainly smelt it - whether it be in a swish restaurant or hotel bathroom around NZ, on-board an Air New Zealand flight or in one of the boutique retail locations where they are stocked, their scents are unmistakable. Regular Crisp customers will know the distinct fragrance that they love when they walk into our stores!

While the brand started with their “Home Perfume” reed diffusers in three scents, their range has expanded significantly, with many more scents released as well as a range of products for around the home including hand wash and moisturiser, soaps, dishwashing liquid, their amazing “bench press” cleaning spray, candles and most recently, their scrumptious Lip Punch and 70% alcohol hand sanitiser.

Ashley & Co products are beautifully made and packaged, and what’s more, the brand prides itself on sustainability. Products are made in New Zealand, with ingredients sourced as close to home as possible. Most of their liquid products are refillable, while their hand-blown glass vessels can be repurposed or recycled, and their green tubes are made from sugarcane. We feel good knowing sustainability is a priority for this Kiwi company. 

An Ashley & Co diffuser or candle makes the perfect gift, and their products are staples in modern Kiwi homes. We are loving using their latest offering, a Lip Punch with a kick of radish-red tint that is the perfect shade and remains smooth and lush for hours while nourishing the lips. We’re looking forward to seeing what Ashley & Co come up with next. 

x Team Crisp

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