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Spotlight on Saben

Spotlight on Saben

There’s something very personal about the inside of a woman’s handbag - it holds her secrets, her mess, her indulgences - while the outside of the handbag reflects the image she wants to present to the world. Saben’s founder and designer Roanne Jacobson understands this all too well, realising a handbag performs the function of “ultimately holding the chaos and order of a woman’s life in one centralised and stylish place”. 

As a result, every single detail on a Saben handbag is “designed with deliberate intent”, a fact that will come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to own one (or more!). Renowned for their style, quality and functionality, a Saben bag is an absolute must-have in any Kiwi woman’s life. 

Named for Roanne’s grandmother Sarah Saben, the brand has grown over the past 20 years from a self-made garage set up to a sophisticated production, with a number of collections released each year. Every piece in each collection is submitted to rigorous testing, with Roanne performing each “wear-test” herself - if it doesn’t meet her high standards of being elegant, durable AND functional, it won’t make the cut. 

The results speak for themselves - there isn’t a single Saben bag we don’t love, and it would be hard to choose just one favourite. Here are a few styles our customers just can’t get enough of.

The Tilly Crossbody

A wallet-come-evening bag-come-every day accessory, the Tilly Crossbody would have to be one of the most popular styles we sell. We love it because it’s so versatile - you can fill it with your cards and cash and throw it in your baby bag or carry-on luggage, add a wrist strap at night for a sophisticated evening bag, and pop on your crossbody strap for a day out shopping. It comes in a huge range of colour ways and will honestly never go out of style - a must-have. 

Tilly’s Big Sis

Just what the name suggests, the Big Sis is simply a larger version of the Tilly. This is the “everyday handbag” choice for those who prefer to wear a crossbody strap. It offers the same elegance and functionality of the Tilly but with added room for reading glasses, sunglasses, a kindle or diary. We love the three distinct sections with a centre zip, to keep special items safe and keep the handbag organised. 


Fifi is the next size up from Tilly’s Big Sis, but with her own unique style. The front flap has a self-closing button, which opens to reveal one large pocket, with a small zip at the back for your phone or other valuable items. It also features an open pocket at the back that’s perfect for a diary, and the front flap itself unzips to reveal yet another pocket that’s perfect for storing items you don’t use every day. So much goodness in one little bag! We also love that the strap is adjustable, so it can be worn crossbody or in a more traditional handbag style.

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