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Spotlight On Salt By Hendrix

Spotlight On Salt By Hendrix

What do you do when your baby has sensitive skin and you can’t find suitable skincare products? If you’re Aussie entrepreneur Kellie Collis, you create your own skincare line!

Kellie wanted nothing but the best, purest products for her baby boy Hendrix, so she began trialling her own formulations at home using premium base oils, creams and salts. The line evolved when she saw the amazing results her home creations had on his skin, and so Salt By Hendrix was born.

The brand has now grown to become a vegan, cruelty free and organic beauty range that is a cult sensation. Kellie has perfected her formula to create products that nourish body and soul, as well as packaging and marketing that is more than Insta-worthy. What’s more is that Kellie prides herself on her all-female team, creating “products for babes, by babes”. Check out some of our top-selling Salt By Hendrix products below:


Available in two blends, we love this Rose edition, which combines Sea Salt, Coconut Milk and Rose Petals to soothe and nourish tired skin. The scent is absolutely delicious, and melts into warm water to create a luxurious and relaxing bath. You’ll emerge rejuvenated with soft, smooth skin!


Bath to Body Oil

As winter descends we’ve never needed nourishment for our skin more, and Salt By Hendrix’s Bath to Body Oil delivers. Made with a blend of Camellia, Kukui Nut, Argan and Baobab oils, it gives skin an instant hydration boost after a shower or bath, and smells deliciously of Mandarin and Lavender. What’s more, it can be added to your bath for a super-relaxing and beautifully fragrant soak.


Textured Rose Quartz Face Roller

We get so many questions about what these beauties are actually for, and it’s true they’ve only had a resurgence in recent years. But in fact, face rollers have been used for centuries to promote circulation and maintain the health of the skin. This Rose Quartz roller can help to stimulate the lymphatic system and support skin cell rejuvenation, assisting the absorption of oils and serums. And you get a relaxing face massage while you’re at it! A must-have in any beauty regime.

Salt By Hendrix products make amazing gifts as well as valuable additions to your own beauty stash. We adore all their products and are proud to stock them at Crisp Home + Wear! 

x Team Crisp 

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