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Let's be honest – it hasn't been an easy few months. Winter has been and gone with most of it spent in our own homes finding it hard to be inspired with our outfits.

Finally, warm weather is on its way and with that comes some fabulous new season items…..hopefully Level 2 is just on the horizon too and we can get out and enjoy this nicer time of year and showcase our style. 

Spring is all about having some fun with what you are wearing – letting go of the winter layers and trying out a new style, a fun print or a bright colour that you don't usually wear. 
Paired with a hands free cross body bag, a stylish leather slide and statement glasses and you will be dressed to impress this Spring.

If it makes you feel good, don't overthink it – wear it, and love it!

The colours this spring are vibrant and bold, punchy and bright. Have some fun with them by pairing with eccentric prints or tone them down with more muted hues. Either way find a way to introduce colour into your day and a Spring into your step.

Invest in a new dress

Whether it's a stroll around the waterfront, lunch with girlfriends, or a daytime wedding a new statement dress is quintessentially ‘Spring’
Depending on the colour and print of the dress it can do a lot of talking on its own.  Think about simplifying some of the other elements of your outfit so you don't distract from the dress itself if it is bold and bright.
Conversely if you choose a more muted tone then have some fun accessorising with colourful, eye-catching accessories and footwear.

Trade in the jeans and leggings for something floaty and feminine!

Skirts are in and they are fabulous this season – there is a style to suit everyone, and every occasion so no excuses not to add one to this season’s wardrobe.

Skirts add a feminine touch to any outfit and can be comfortable as well as stylish.  Paired with a simple tee and slides, a lightweight knit and sneakers or a statement shirt and heels they are versatile and stylish.


The new Wild Garden collection from SABEN is inspired by the worlds of fashion, art and nature gently melding together. 

With new handpicked shades of Orchid, Tea Rose, Ivy Green, Clay and Khaki,  new leather handbags Coco, Malloy, and Parker and new leather wallets Lyric and Landry there are endless options to make a stylish SABEN difference to your Spring outfit.

Paint those toenails and your best foot forward!

Imogen, Stella, Zoe, Daphne  – cool names given to just some of the stylish shoes we have in store for the warmer days. 

Plain slides, embellished slides, heels, sneakers…to be dressed up or down, to stand out in a crowd or complement an outfit...either way paint your toes and add a pair (or 4) to your Wardrobe.

Enjoy deciding what you will add to your Spring wardrobe....its a fun season!

Team CRISP x 

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