Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Cheese Tray, Bordeallo Pinheiro NZ, Cheese Tray
Bordallo Pinheiro

Cabbage Cheese Tray - Natural


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Present your cheese on this distinctive cabbage leaf cheese tray from Bordallo Pinheiro, made from Earthenware and featuring hand-painted detailing throughout.


Cabbage, in its rough and flat form, could be used as a metaphor for Portugal’s rustic ways. This was a clever way to honour it.


Bordallo Pinheiro (Artistic Earthenware) was founded in 1884 with a view to revitalising the traditional arts of ceramics and clay, blending them with the modernity of various styles which are geared towards the future, but, above all, with the originality of their creator, Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro.


And so was spawned the mass production of pieces which, until today, could not be dissociated from our mindset and cultural references of a universal nature. 

Continuing to use a large part of centuries-old techniques in the reproduction of the models, Bordallo Pinheiro is continuing to recover an irreplaceable legacy. Concurrently, and driven on by the same pioneering spirit, it is an innovative company, creating products of a contemporary nature and reinforcing its prestige on the various markets in which it is present.