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Deodorant - Blanco


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"Something like intuition, soaked in instinct as fate plays its hand..this is Blanco."

Sweat is one of the signs of a normal, healthy integumentary system. So Triumph & Disater's objective was never to stop sweat, to do so ignores the natural functions of the body and our health.

But they do aim to stop odour and mask the effects of sweat, they have achieved this with ‘Blanco’.Humans are designed to sweat, armpits in particular have evolved as a key component in our bodies heat management and toxin excretion systems –mess with these at your peril.

Sending toxins away from armpits back into the body only creates stress elsewhere by asking other parts of our natural excretion and perspiration systems to do more than what they are designed to do.

So promoting the complete blocking of sweat in the name of self-confidence or comfort is not in Truimph & Disaters bag.

Their ethos is to work with the body’s natural flow by working with it to limit excess moisture and control the aromas created through the excretion of sweat.

It’s this control of aroma that they are most interested in.

With their new deodorant Blanco, the goal is to limit body odour by impairing the bacteria that produce it, dousing them with fragrant notes of Bergamot and Lime.