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Salt By Hendrix

Dry Body Brush


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  • Revitalize the skin pre-shower with our luxurious DRY BODY BRUSH.
  • Crafted using natural sisal brush fibres and an FSC-certified wooden handle
  • This dry Body Brush is a tool for assisting in removing dead skin, aiming to leave it feeling fresh and smooth
  • The practice of dry body brushing helps to remove the build of dead skin cells, smooth dry patches, even out the surface of your skin, and invigorate dull skin
  • Helps to promote healthy circulation, increase blood flow, and stimulate lymphatic drainage.
  • Say hello to energised, softer, and more luminous skin


  • Use on dry skin, prior to a bath or shower.
  • Starting at the feet, gently brush in an upwards motion using very gentle, circular motions.
  • Work around entire body, avoiding the face and any delicate areas.
  • Rehydrate the skin post shower or bath with your favourite body oil.
  • Use 1-3 times weekly depending on your skin type and sensitivities.
  • Always use very, very gentle pressure to avoid scratching or marking the skin