Glass Jug - 2 Sizes Glass + Bar Ware 300ml /12cm,1000ml / 19cm Beldi

Glass Jug - 2 Sizes


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Please note - The picture shown is representative of the product only. Each piece of Beldi Glassware has its own unique characteristics typical of an artisan product. Air bubbles, dents and marks result as the molten glass is shaped and formed, some are from the blowing and some from the tools used.  This is a normal part of the glass process and adds character to each piece.

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  • Simple hand-blown glass jugs perfect to serve juice, water or wine, milk in summer dining.
  • Made from recycled glass in Morocco
  • Available in two sizes 300ml or 1000ml

Very recently the last glass factory in Morocco still making hand-blown glasses was saved from permanent closure. Skilled artisans now continue to make these simple, traditional vessels.


  • Beldi glasses are dishwasher safe on glass settings


  • 300ml / 12cm Tall
  • 1000ml/19cm Tall