Nanopack Tequila Drinks Glass + Bar Ware Default Title Te-Tonic

Nanopack Tequila Drinks


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  • Tequila? Yes !! Have you tried to mix tequila and tonic? adding lemon or orange juice? Now you can infuse tequila with 3 pyramidals infusers especially created for pairing this famous Mexican spirit drink. Easy… with Te Tonic

  • Nano pack Tequila Drinks contains 6 pyramidal infusers, 2 infuser/flavours, perfect for tequila pairing

  • Create 3 delicious and aromatic cocktails:
    • Paloma: star anise and Jamaican pepper, mixed with tonic water, to serve a spicy super refreshing cocktail.
    • Lemon: citrus and sparking. With spicy ginger and just adding a shot of lemon soda, you will re-discover an extra flavoured cocktail.
    • Sunrise: this is the Te Tonic cover of a classic cocktail. Enjoy the sweetness of red berries and the amazing citrus flavour of pomegranate. Just add orange juice and prepare a refreshing sugar-free cocktail, so easy.