Staub Round Cocotte Cast Iron Casserole Dish Kitchen Tools Black / 3.8L,Black / 5.2L,Black / 6.7L Staub

Staub Round Cocotte Cast Iron Casserole Dish


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If you want to create beautiful stews, casseroles, and desserts, the traditional cocette is great for a family meal, or even large enough to host a dinner party. 

The cast iron cocotte stores heat for a long time and slowly redistributes it, the enamel coating further intensifies the flavour. It is particularly good for casserole recipes and slow roasts. The cocotte is fantastic at heating up cold food slowly, as well as cold desserts. It is very resillient and is built to last - very easy to crae for. 

Great for searing and slow cooking of meat, fish and vegetables. The lid's drip structure will leave your meal juicy and tender.

Suits all types of hobs, and can be used in oven.

Handmade in France


Available in 3.8L (24cm), 5.2L (26cm), and 6.7L (28cm).