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Take Me Away Tea Infuser Flask - Rose


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  • The perfect accessory to enjoy tea on the go
  • Featuring a three-piece design - simply add your favourite tea leaves and water, screw together and allow to infuse to your taste
  • The double-walled borosilicate glass is extra thick to increase durability and provides extra insulation to keep your brew hot or cold for longer.
  • With its elegant style and thoughtful functionality, this flask is bound to be your loyal companion on all your urban adventures


  •  20.5 x 7.8cm
  • Capacity - 210ml


  • Add a teaspoon of dry loose-leaf tea to the glass lid of the infuser, and screw on the filter component tightly.
  • Fill the larger, double-insulated, glass bottle with hot water
  • Tightly secure the filter component and glass lid onto the larger glass
  • Slowly, turn the infuser upside down
  • Be careful as the glass lid can get hot!
  • Steep tea upside down for 3-5 minutes until you have the desired strength brew
  • Slowly, turn the infuser the right way around and enjoy your freshly brewed tea!