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Topup Hand Zap Sanitiser


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Hand Zap, Aromatic Gel Sanitiser for your hands. With Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Essential Oils

When water is scarce, or as an extra precautions, turn to Zap to quash germs.

Dialled up to 70% alcohol with a kill rate of up to 99.99%, this gel based antibacterial is big on defence while being soft on skin.

this antibacterial and antiviral gel based sanitiser is

Boosted with the verdant freshness of Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Essential oils, it also packs a lush sensory hit.

Scent Peppy & Lucent, put some pep in your step with this celebrated scent, a moxie cocktail of Crushed Mint, Lemongrass stalks and buds

of Blackcurrant.

Natural Perfume.

1000ml Refill