We chose this new brand of jeans because we liked the cleanness of their designs as well as their sustainability efforts and the fact they are designed and made in Melbourne.  

Born in 1999, Nobody Denim has been refining and defining their label since. Committed to manufacturing their garments in Melbourne, Australia they can guarantee the maintenance of fair working conditions and employee satisfaction company-wide while minimising their carbon footprint.  They are accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia and are also working closely with the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia.

The Nobody customer

Refined and intuitive, she rejects passing trends because she understands that fit and finish are paramount to style. While her refined aptitude is inspired by a truly international worldview, she seeks inspiration from the streets of design-led cities across the globe. Self-confident and fashion
fluent, she craves quality pieces she can mould to form her own signature style.

Refined with an innate edge, her wardrobe of quality staples is more than just adornment. Its interpretive nature enables her attitude to be her statement, her voice – her self-expression. As a conscious consumer, she weaves the intricate threads of fashion, functionality and ethics.

And for her, it’s important to contribute to a more sustainable production process – she believes fashion shouldn’t cost the earth.
A leader and an innovator, the Nobody Denim woman isn’t afraid to be seen and heard. Nor is she afraid to reinvent herself, should the mood strike.

Nobody Denim work with Sustainability Victoria as well as energy and materials efficiency assessors to identify ways to reduce their environmental footprint.

Water saving is critical and a priority for Nobody Denim. Since 2017 they’ve reduced water use by 50% in our stone washing and bleaching processes. They’re currently exploring other ways to save water, including steam recapture.

Nobody Denim is working to become more energy efficient across the whole company. They support the Paris Agreement on climate change and aim to decarbonise their business and supply chain, aligning with the global goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. They’re at the beginning of this
journey but are proud of the progress they’ve made so far.


Nobody Denim is committed to reducing waste across the supply chain, from production to extending garment life cycle and giving “waste” a new life. They aim to create clothing to last a lifetime, not a season and have reduced fabric waste by 9% by automating their fabric cutting.

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