Waxed Perfume | Bonberry Limited Edition Candle


One for the bon vivant!

Distinctly European, let the scent of Bonberry’s hypnotic bouquet take you away. Be transported to the scene of a detailed still-life painting where the herbaceous fragrance of freshly picked geranium is combined with distilled davana. 

Perfectly packaged with bespoke illustrations by Copenhagen-based illustrator Morten Kantsø, one of Europe's most sought-after emerging graphic artists, this limited-edition release is packaged to perfection and ready to share with love.

Scent | Wild Berries, Musk Blossoms, Distilled Davana, Geranium, Lychee

Scent Description | One for the bon vivant! Awaken gastronomic senses with over-ripe Wild Berries intermingle with exotic Lychee, adding a flavoursome fruitiness. But what quells the sweetness of this study is the woody undertones of Musk Blossom, harmoniously delivering a seductive warmth and spice that is oh-so-nice. Bonberry is très bon.

Waxed Perfume is Ashley & Co's unique name for a candle. Inspired by each of their signature scents, these candles tell their own story. They are individually hand-poured in New Zealand using 100% natural wax and an unbleached cotton wick.

Crafted to perfection, each Waxed Perfume delivers, giving up to 50 hours of burn time.

Composition | 100% Natural White Wax sourced from a sustainable plantation, Parfum, held in an A & C Hand-Blown Glass Jar.

Please Note | Due to the handmade nature of this product, each piece is unique; when preparing the vessel for re-usehand washing is recommended

Size | 310g