10cm Stearin Candle | Pure White

By Broste

The Stearin candles from Broste Copenhagen are 100% pure stearin with no added perfume and Oeko-tex standard wicks.

They are produced in the EU and have the SWAN label (Scandinavian eco-label).

Pure stearin leaves no particles in the air, uses no oxygen in the room and is, therefore, the cleanest burning of all candles. Produced using renewable energy.

Burn Time | 57 hours

Care | NEVER FORGET A BURNING CANDLE; IT IS LIKE AN OPEN FIRE. Always trim the wick to 1 cm before lighting the candle, and make sure that the wick is upright. Pieces of wick that have been cut off or other items that fall into the candle wax can reignite, causing the candle flame to become much more significant than is safe, even if it is in a container. Dispose of all packing materials.

Compoistion | High-Grade Stearin | Pure Cotton Wick

Size | 100mm D x  100mm H 

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