Beetle Watering Can Green | 5.0L


The Garden Beetle Watering Can from Hachiman provides a delightful watering experience. 

It features an exclusively designed multi-groove spout which ensures an even distribution of water flow, granting your plants the perfect amount of hydration.

Watering your plants becomes an absolute pleasure with an ergonomic pouring handle that provides a comfortable grip and a carry handle that incorporates a thoughtful cutout that securely holds a hose while filling.

Say goodbye to dull watering routines and welcome to a new world of effective and precise plant care!

The Beetle Watering Can is a stylish addition to your gardening toolkit.

The 1.5L version boasts 3 grooves, while the larger 5.0L option showcases 6.

Composition | Polypropylene (container and handle) and Polyethylene (ring)

Size | 192mm | Depth 217mm | Width 375mm


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