Merino + Bamboo Top Knit Hat | Pebble



Burrow & Be's top knot hats are a staple in many wee one’s wardrobes!

The gorgeous fabric blend of 49% merino, 46% bamboo, and 5% elastane makes this hat luxuriously warm and soft against delicate skin, and it sits comfortably so babies are less likely to pull it off!

The merino and the bamboo have both been ethically produced and certified and made in our GOTS-certified factory in China.

Fit | 0-3 months

Care | The bamboo and merino blend of this garment is something special and a little extra care is needed.  Washing by hand is recommended. Due to the nature of the fabric pilling may occur.  Should pilling occur gently use a fabric comb to remove any pilling. 

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