Complete Beauty Kit

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The beauty tool every gal needs!

Raise your hand if you hate reapplying your SPF and getting greasy/sticky hands or even sand at the beach sticking to your face from applying... Then this is for you!

Designed so you can also make your own 'Skin Smoothie' - Foundation & moisturiser, perhaps your bb cream with a highlighter or even tanning drops and moisturiser or liquid blush-you choose!

Mix your favourite water-based Beauty liquids and creams in one easy-to-use Beauty Tool for those quick, flawless makeup & SPF touchups everywhere you go. No more mess or having to take multiple products with you! Perfect at the beach, every day, or to take away for a long weekend! Apply your products flawlessly and hygienically every time- who knows what's on our hands?

What's Included | 

  • 1x Mini Beauty Bulb (12ml) and nozzle
  • 1x 28ml Beauty Bulb and nozzle,
  • 1x funnel
  • 1x Blending Beauty Sponge
  • 1x  Contour BeautySponge
  • 1x Cleaning/mixing brush
  • 1x Makeup pouch so you can ensure you take your Beauty Tool with you everywhere!
  • Plus a 'How to Guide' so you can ensure you get the most out of your Beauty Tool.

Your Beauty Bulbs are made from high-quality food grade, environmentally friendly Silicone meaning it's safe, durable & very long lasting!

You can either fill straight into the opening of the beauty bulb or use the funnel provided.  A great tip, dampen the end of your Beauty Sponge-which allows the base of the Beauty Sponge to remain tight on the Beauty Bulb.

How to Use | 

When you slide your beauty sponge over the top of the nozzle, please ensure it's sitting over the top of the groove in the neck of your beauty bulb, and there is no gap. This will ensure no oxidising & no leaking. 

Your Mini beauty bulb can be used for all your favourite products, and the larger beauty bulb is recommended for moisturiser or SPF.

Ensure you are washing your Beauty Sponges every day! If using for SPF- Dermatologists also recommend you can use the beauty sponge dry- see what works best for you & your sunscreen!

Please Note |

Your beauty liquid must be Water/oil based. Silicone Based products will, unfortunately, dry out in the Beauty Bulb. Your beauty liquid can contain Silicone ingredients but not be primarily made of silicone.

When using SPF, please ensure you thoroughly clean & dry the beauty bulb before filling and only keep SPF inside for two weeks before cleaning & refilling.