Cotton Tulle V Tee - Black TOPS 1,2 Standard Issue
Standard Issue

Cotton Tulle V Tee - Black


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A superfine and extremely lightweight long sleeve V neck top. This all-over sheer ribbed knit has been crafted with zero-waste from Supima Cotton. Wear it under a garment or simply on it's own.



  • Care For Life Promise
  • Seamless
    Zero Waste
  • 100% Supima Cotton
  • 15 Gauge
  • Made in New Zealand
The extra-fine, long staple quality of Supima Cotton makes it the perfect fibre for Standard Issue's Cotton Tulle garments. Grown in the Southwest of America and spun in Japan using the newest high-twist spinning technology, Supima prioritises care for the environment through the restriction of chemicals, methods of naturally controlling pesticides, and water efficiency. The collaboration of American grown cotton & Japanese spinning techniques sets this cotton apart from other global varieties. Luxuriously smooth, Supima Cotton is 100% traceable, biodegradable, and is processed with zero-waste. Twice as strong as regular cotton, Supima makes for incredibly resilient, long-lasting garments with added elasticity and comfort.

Size 1 | 6-14

Size 2 | 16-22