Emporium | 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Premium quality adult jigsaw puzzle featuring artwork by New Zealand artist Marcus Watson

This artwork represents an assortment of objects collected by the artist. These mementos serve a decorative purpose in the home, but more importantly, they spark nostalgia and sentiment. There’s an element of mystery in this work as Marcus draws inspiration from traditional Eastern artwork and modern ideologies, then leaves it up to the viewer to decipher the meaning.

About the Artist |

Marcus holds a reputation as one of New Zealand’s most talented creative individuals, creating works that are funky, fun and space-defining. His wildly creative and bold illustrations explore traditional motifs within a modern setting and can be viewed in some of Auckland’s coolest businesses. Not content to stay within the boundaries of one style, Marcus constantly evolves his visually compelling pieces and range of mediums.

Listen while you puzzle | A puzzle playlist has been curated for you to get the most out of completing this jigsaw puzzle. Listen to the Emporium Playlist here. 

Finished size | 75 x 52cm