Our Love Story


Our Love Story  is a unique and special couples prompted journal, memory book and keepsake of your years together, and a perfect wedding anniversary gift for couples.

No matter how long you’ve been together, this journal will spark conversations, reflections and new connections within any couple. Whether you start it on your first anniversary, the first time you have a big fight, or after a whole decade together, this journal is the perfect way to remind you of the joy you find in each other, and guide you towards a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

A beautifully designed unique and special guided couples’ journal, memory book and keepsake of your life and love together. Suitable to begin at any stage of your relationship, use it to reflect on your relationship history, and discuss your current feelings and needs (such as spending more time together, any romantic or sexual needs, date ideas, and things you’d like to experience together and more), and set intentions for your future together. Positive communication and happiness in a long romantic partnership are so dependent on each other, yet in our busy lives, we are so easily distracted and often don’t make enough time to focus on our relationship or prioritise our partner. Many of us spend most nights scrolling on our phones instead of really connecting with each other – we can get out of practice at starting meaningful, important conversations with each other, which is where a relationship journal can come in. Prompting you with thoughtful questions, you will reflect on your relationship so far, talk about what is important to you both now and in the future, and work through any issues as they arise. A happy romantic relationship is one of the key indicators of mental health, and a healthy relationship depends on its people being able to communicate. 

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