Karen Walker Runaway Stamps | 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Embark on a journey with designer and lifelong puzzler Karen Walker and explore a puzzle inspired by her childhood stamp collection, rich with adventure and exotic locales.

This print, a reimagined treasure from the Karen Walker archive, presents a lively collage of Edwardian postage stamps featuring meticulous etchings of an assemblage of animals alongside Karen’s iconic Runaway Girl.

With a cult international following and collections stocked in more than 1,000 stores in over 40 countries, Karen Walker is undoubtedly New Zealand’s most famous fashion export. She’s a self-confessed lover of creating order out of chaos and mixing pragmatism with eccentricity – both of which apply to her prowess as a fashion designer and her love of a good puzzle. 

Listen while you puzzle. A puzzle playlist has been curated to help you get the most out of completing this jigsaw puzzle. Listen to the Runaway Stamps Playlist here 

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