Woven Belt Flecked | Deauville


This is La Boucle, the only belt you will ever need, it's the ultimate belt.

Belgium-based designer La Boucle has created this unisex, highly stretchable woven belt strap from vegetable-tanned leather and poly-fibre weave. 

With its stretchable technology and absence of traditional holes, this woven belt is designed to suit all waist sizes and activities.

A stylish and versatile woven belt strap, the metal pin may be threaded through the belt strap at any point so it will always be a comfortable fit.

Wedding? Work event? Festival? A La Boucle belt is ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Perfect when travelling too as no alarm passing at the airport.

Swing with life. Swing with La Boucle.

Size |  OSFM | Stretch length excl. buckle 105-135cm | Best fit waist sizes 90-105cm | Width 32mm

Fabrication | Italian vegetable tanned leather | Certificate of the Italian leather association | 50% Polypropylene, 25% Cotton, 25% elastic | Metal alloy belt buckle

Strength Test | Each belt can stretch up to 59 inches / 150 cm and can carry weight up to 400 kilos | Tests were completed & approved by the University of Ghent.