Unscented Self-warming Eye Mask

By Lula

Like a warm hug for your eyes and mind, this self-warming eye mask starts warming up the moment you open it. Lie back, get ready to relax and unfold the mask. When the mask meets the air it begins to warm up, staying at a comforting temperature, so you can drift into a daydream or a deep night’s sleep. A beautiful gift of self-care, this unscented eye mask will de-stress you and assist you with sleep. 

The Lula self-warming eye mask is perfect for | 

Dry or Tired Eyes

This eye mask soothes dry and tired eyes by applying warmth and darkness. Like a warm compress, the warmth creates fine moist steam, comforting the skin around the eyes and giving relief to dry eyes.

Digital Eye Strain

If you work in front of a screen all day, this eye mask will give your eyes the relief they need. Use it on your work/study breaks to relax and warm your eyes.

Busy Minds

One of the best hacks to combat a busy mind is using an eye mask. Pair that with the self-warming functionality and you have found yourself the best solution to calm it down.

Migraines & Headaches

If you suffer from headaches, you know that keeping your surroundings dark and using a heat pack can really help. This warming eye mask utilises both tactics to provide relief from headaches.

Relaxation and Meditation

The warmth of the eye mask is ideal for relaxing your eyes, face and mind to complement the practice of meditation beautifully.

A Good Night's Sleep

Putting the warming eye mask on before you sleep is a great way to force yourself to not have screen time just before you sleep. The darkness and warmth provide a great foundation for a good night’s sleep by helping you drift off calmly.


This is a travel must-have, especially on long journeys. The eye mask can help with sleep on the plane, airport breaks and jet lag.

How to Use The Lula Eye Mask |

Step 1 | Open an individual pouch

Step 2 | Unfold the mask and feel the mask gently warm up. When the mask’s iron particles meet oxygen in the air it begins to gradually warm up and stays at a comfortable temperature for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Step 3| Lie back, place the loops over your ears and mask on your eyes. Time to relax.

About the Lula Eye Masks in Unscented |

There are 5 eye masks in each box.

There is no scent.

The eye mask is lightweight and very comfortable.

All ingredients are naturally occurring (iron powder, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt and water)

The eye masks are made with non-woven fabric.

Why choose Unscented |

If you are sensitive to any smells or fragrances, then we highly recommend choosing the unscented eye mask. Even though the rose and jasmine scents in the other masks are quite subtle, you can be sure that you will have no sensitivities to the unscented mask. 

The Perfect Gift |

These eye masks are the best gifts for anyone who is going through a difficult time, has a busy/stressful routine, or suffers from headaches/migraines. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to buy, but these masks are a beautiful way to encourage self-care. The packaging is bright, and cheerful and has simple instructions on how to use the warming eye masks. 

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