Cane S24 Mixing Bowl 24cm


The Mason Cash Cane mixing bowls are an icon of British design, first developed in 1901. The distinct patterned exterior and rim are designed to help bakers grip and tip the bowl.

The smaller 24cm Cane mixing bowl is ideal for mixing ingredients for pastry, cookie and cake mixes, and also a perfect size to bake with children.

The traditional cane colour has been a classic for Mason Cash for centuries, with a high-gloss glaze providing a chip-resistant finish. Mason Cash offer mixing bowls in a wide variety of sizes providing options for every baker and to suit all kitchens. The earthenware bowl is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

Mason Cash was established in the heart of the English ceramic industry back in 1800 and has become world-renowned for its innovative, classic kitchenware today.

Size | 240mm D x 110mm H Capacity |  2 Litres

Care + Use | Microwave Safe |  Dishwasher Safe | Freezer Safe

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