Microfiber Hair Towel

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The Made For Body hair towel is an extra absorbent, incredibly soft, waffle microfiber towel that gently dries your hair fractionally compared to a regular towel, all while protecting your hair from friction, static, frizz and breakage.

It was made generously sized to accommodate thick and long-haired girlies, too - with a unique curve that shapes around your head for a secure yet lightweight fit.

How to Use | 

1) Use the towel to blot off excess water gently

2) Flip your hair forward, placing the elastic band at the nape of your neck.

3) Twist the towel around your hair, squeezing gently again to blot if required

4) Place the tail end of the towel inside the elastic strap to secure everything in place.

Product Care |

Cold wash with whites and hang to dry or dry-clean on low heat.

If the towel gets stained, mix stain remover with water and soak before washing.

Do not hang the towel by the elastic band, as this can cause the band to stretch.

Useful Information |

Microfiber - more gentle and absorbent than regular towels to reduce drying time and hair breakage and frizz

Waffle design - creates a larger surface area for water absorption from your hair.

Elastic band - holds your towel up securely (without pulling) while you make coffee, do yoga or wash the dishes!

Custom-designed shape - to mould comfortably and securely around your head. It is also generously sized to accommodate thick and long hair.

Made For Body's microfiber towel is suitable for all hair types, coloured and non-coloured hair.

Composition | 75% Polyester and 25% Polyamide

Size | 800 x 950 mm