Miss Pollys Kitchen | Polly Markus


Delicious, unfussy, modern food you will love to cook and eat.

Polly Markus - from the popular Instagram page Miss Polly's Kitchen - loves food almost as much as she loves people.

Her recipes are light, fresh, super colourful and hugely enticing. Miss Polly's Kitchen is packed with bold and unique flavours and clever takes on classic dishes. Whether you are after something fresh and new, or you're entertaining friends and family, Miss Polly's Kitchen has the perfect recipe for any occasion.

Polly has only a few rules when it comes to cooking:

1. It has to be a good time. If you're not having fun, it's time to put down the pans.
2. Always make enough to have leftovers.
3. Flavour, flavour, flavour.

Miss Polly's Kitchen delivers seriously delicious food, ideally suited to the way we eat today.

Author bio | Polly Markus is the woman behind the popular Instagram recipe page Miss Polly's Kitchen. She worked as the crew chef on a superyacht for three years in her 20s, which gave her the ability to improvise with whatever was on hand in the kitchen - something that she wants to be able to help other people to do too.

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