Classic As | 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Premium quality adult jigsaw puzzle featuring artwork by New Zealand artist Finn Gerry Wilson.

This vibrant montage represents the classic Kiwi road trip with recognisable landmarks, places and experiences. Picture yourself stopping to soak up these iconic sights as you travel through our unique and much-loved land. Enjoy your Classic As roadie through New Zealand.

Listen while you puzzle | A puzzle playlist has been curated for you to get the most out of completing this jigsaw puzzle. Listen to the Classic As Playlist here 

About the Artist |

New Zealand artist, designer, illustrator and painter Finn Gerry Wilson.

Finn has used many materials to create his art, from skate decks to surfboards, recycled car doors, walls and traditional canvas, but what remains consistent is his unique point of view. Drawing inspiration from street and skate culture, Finn throws his twist, often giving us the unexpected, where the magic happens.

Finished size | 75 x 52cm