Silk Scarf - Tulip


Beautiful silk crepe de chine scarf designed by Auckland duo Walker & Bing.

Their scarves are, first, works of art, created on their themes and utilising paint, ink, print-making and drawing techniques. Once they have a final selection, the artworks are transferred to a digital space in order to refine and prepare them for printing.

They aim to make each design a standalone piece of art, within a cohesive collection.

  • Hand rolled silk crepe de chine

The Tulip scarf has a piece of the artist's heart, having its roots from a watercolour of tulips that has a special and intimate meaning to her. This pattern was designed by printing, scanning and recolouring the original watercolour. An essence of movement and beauty emerges from the astonishing textures and details of this artwork.  


54 cm x 54cm

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