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Zap Surface Sanitiser - Lotus Leaf


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New bench buddy to Ashley & Co Home Keeping. 

A Multi-surface sanitising spray dialed up to 70% Alcohol with spicy clove, kaffir lime and essential oils. Surface Zap gives an instant cleanse and bright, fresh scent.

“We want our customer to use our sanitising and Home Keeping products liberally and for them to be accessible and worthy of a beautiful scent. Not tucked away in a cupboard for occasional use.” says Jackie “Home is our sanctuary. Keep it clean and make it gleam!”

How to clean and sanitise with surfaces with Ashley & Co.

Step 1 Preparation - A surface must be thoroughly clean prior to sanitising

Step 2 Cleaning - Wash with hot water (60 °C) + Benchpress and remove loose dirt, grease, grime and debris

Step 3 Sanitising (germ killing stage) - Use Surface Zap and wipe surface down.

Step 4 Air Drying