The Abundant Kitchen | Niva Kay and Yotam Kay


A how-to make pickles, preserves, sourdough, kombucha, cured meats, yoghurt, vinegar and all kinds of ferments.

The bestselling authors of The Abundant Garden, Niva and Yotam Kay, share their wealth of knowledge and experience in making ferments, pickles, preserves, sourdough, koji, cured meat, ginger beer, yoghurt, vinegar, kombucha and much more.

With 100 easy-to-follow, meticulously written recipes, this book will become a much-loved fermenting bible.

Using these recipes is the perfect way to preserve and transform the bounty from your garden into delicious classics, vibrant Middle Eastern flavours and other incredible tastes from around the globe.

Whether you are a seasoned fermenter or taking your first steps into the world of live cultures, The Abundant Kitchen, with its helpful tips, step-by-step instructions and timeless techniques, is a must-have.
Author | 

Niva and Yotam Kay are the bestselling authors of The Abundant Garden. They run the Pākaraka Permaculture Garden on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Details | 

Publisher  | Allen & Unwin NZ
Publication Date | 17 Oct 2023
Pages | 352
Package type | Paperback

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