Ume Toothbrush Mug - 3 Colours



The Ume toothbrush mug is part of the Zone Denmark series of the same name, which consists of high-quality bathroom accessories.

Like all products in the series, the toothbrush cup is characterised by its minimalist design, soft contours and a special finish.

The cup is made of robust stoneware, which is then coated with a velvety soft-touch coating. It not only provides a noble appearance, but also a pleasant feel. 

Minimalistic design for the bathroom

Ume is the Japanese word for plum tree and a symbol of elegance, patience and strength. This elegance is also reflected in the bathroom accessories designed by the designer trio VE2.

In combination with other products and colours from the Ume series, you can create a stylish bathroom that is both elegant and inviting

Dimensions - 10.3cm H, 8.3cm Diameter 

Materials - Steingut, Soft-Touch

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