Soft Bristle Replacement Heads x 4

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These screw-out brush heads are 100% compostable and made from natural bamboo. The bristles are natural sisal fibre, soft enough to use on nonstick pans but sturdy enough for months of use.

Reducing kitchen waste to a minimum! Hold onto your handle and reorder the replacement heads.

Each brush head is made from natural bamboo and sisal fibre.

The brush heads come in a pack of 4... Every kitchen/home/office/RV/boat is different, but yeseco. Life's thorough testing has proved that 3-4 months is a reasonable lifespan for these brush heads based on standard use.

Please note | that these replacement heads are for the new ONE BRUSH and will not fit the previous bamboo handles.

Care | Natural bamboo is biodegradable; the first step in the process of the wood breaking down is mould.  If mould starts to appear on your brush head, then its doing job. These Wooden brush heads might like to grow a little mould; however, with the right care, you can keep them looking great! To remove mould it is please follow the following steps;

Fill a cup with Distilled White Vinegar, enough for the entire dish brush head to be covered.

Add a dash of liquid soap or dishwashing liquid.

Immerse your wooden brush in the solution for 10 minutes (15 minutes max).

Remove and rinse with hot water.

Dry the brush in direct sunlight to maximise mould elimination.

By taking some simple/regular steps, you can keep your Brush in fantastic condition. Remember that the beauty of these brushes isn’t just in their aesthetic appeal but also in their inherent sustainability.

Composition | Each brush head is made from natural bamboo and sisal fibre