Reclaimed | 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Premium quality adult jigsaw puzzle featuring artwork by New Zealand artist Julia Murray.

Welcome back to a time when nature was the predominant force, with no competition from smart homes, cars, or the digital age. This artwork explores the idea of nature reclaiming the earth, where natural beauty in all its shapes and forms encourages curiosity and exploration.

Listen while you puzzle.A puzzle playlist has been curated for you to get the most out of completing this jigsaw puzzle. Listen to the Reclaimed Playlist here 

About the Artist

New Zealand illustrator and typographer Julia Murray.

With her work appearing on book covers to beer cans for clients like Harper Collins, Huffer, and Garage Project, Julia’s passion for typography flourished when she integrated it into her graphic design. Julia’s work playfully uses colour, and her creations have a sense of endearing femininity.

Finished size | 75 x 52cm